A Blueprint for an Economic Jailbreak in Zimbabwe



The ZimDai Paper: A Blueprint for an Economic Jailbreak is a thorough investigation into the viability of bootstrapping DAI adoption in Zimbabwe. It assumes a hostile state and does not rely on jurisdictional permission.


Early on in Foundry’s history, Zimbabwe was a potential target for marking DAIHard, the unstoppable crypto onramp. Logan of Team Toast spent two months in Zimbabwe researching this possibility. The idea was to trigger a viral adoption of DAI and position Foundry to profit from this shift.

Current Status

The research yielded good news and bad news.

The good news: A well-funded organization could definitely trigger a viral, unstoppable shift in Zimbabwe to cryptocurrency usage: an economic jailbreak. After fanning the flames for a small time, the phenomenon would have a life of its own.

The bad news: there is no clear way for an organization to directly profit from doing this. The phenomenon would be too decentralized for there to be any central point or channel to take a fee from. Because Foundry by this point had serious investors who had expected a profit motive, we could not ethically pursue the plan further.

Logan captured his findings and a proposed strategy in the ZimDai paper mentioned above, so that the research wasn’t lost. We consider the paper to be in the public commons, and welcome any contributors or discussion around this topic. A long-term dream is for Foundry to grow powerful enough to pursue this seriously.

Future Plans

ZimDai needs a sugar daddy. This could be a philanthropist, or someone who sees a way to make profit in the ZimDai plan. It could also be a more mature Foundry with a larger Treasury, that "doesn’t mind" throwing a chunk of money at this plan.

If you know someone who might be interested in pursuing this plan, please share the paper far and wide, or join the Foundry Telegram to discuss further.