Uncancellable Public Discussion



SmokeSignal is a bold step into a world without censorship. Pseudonymous users can post new messages or reply to others, on subreddit style topics. Each post is immediately published on the Ethereum or xDai blockchain and impossible to delete or censor.


Today we see an acceleration of censorship on traditional web content platforms. In retrospect, this shouldn’t be surprising: governments and special-interest groups can easily threaten an organization, bullying them into censoring certain problematic topics. SmokeSignal was built as a permanent solution for this problem: by cementing expression into the blockchain itself, censorship of the content will never be possible--no matter who gets threatened.

Current Status

SmokeSignal is functional and live, and works on either Ethereum or xDai. The development and marketing of SmokeSignal has been put on hold for now, while we focus more on launching dETH and

Future Plans

Like DAIHard, SmokeSignal relies significantly on network effects. Once Foundry has more momentum and funding, it could pursue SmokeSignal success further by developing and funding a targeted marketing campaign. As time moves forward, more people will be canceled from mainstream platforms, which is a rich target audience for SmokeSignal and permapost to explore.

Tech stack

SmokeSignal operates as a set of smart contracts on both Ethereum and xDai. The interface is built in Elm. Rivet is used as a stable web3 provider.