Permapost is a streamlined successor to SmokeSignal, more clearly offering the writers of the world an un-deplatformable, un-demonetizeable home. This shares the content database with SmokeSignal, but hides the comments and topics, delivering a clean and simple layout that gives a classy vibe to blockchain content while making authors feel at-home and in control.


SmokeSignal tries to do a lot, and it’s hard for new users to understand how to use it or what its purpose is. Permapost was built for the same fundamental purpose as SmokeSignal: to facilitate radically free speech. It was designed more simply so new users can more easily engage in uncensorable writing.

Current Status

Permapost is live and stable, and like SmokeSignal, works on Ethereum and xDai.

Future Plans

Foundry’s strategic goal with Permapost is to find “radically free” writers who can use an uncensorable platform in powerful, attention-grabbing ways. This would bring attention to the product and Foundry, and illustrate Foundry’s mission and intent, thus garnering more engagement and funding.

Tech stack

Permapost shares smart contracts with SmokeSignal on both Ethereum and xDai. The interface is built in NextJS.