About us

Foundry is a DAO focused on building profitable, radically free products.

About us


Foundry is a for-profit, member managed DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Foundry’s nearest analog would be an open venture capital fund that exists completely in cyberspace, rather than a country’s legal system.

Member Managed

Foundry has no managers or employees, instead relying on FRY holders for direction and contractors for work. The FRY holders vote via governance on where to send funds; most often these funds are sent to contracting firms or individuals to build out, improve, maintain, and/or market Foundry products.


Foundry’s mandate is to fund, build, market, and iterate products that increase liberty for all of humanity. These tools, like Foundry itself, will be designed to continue to function even if powerful institutions want to destroy or stop them.

For Profit

All products Foundry builds will be designed to capture profit, and this profit will be captured in Foundry’s Treasury. Because FRY represents ownership of this Treasury, the more profit that is made, the greater the value of the FRY token will be--and the bolder Foundry can become in its pursuits.

Team Toast

Logan Brutsche

CEO of Team Toast and Lead Engineer of Foundry Products

Schalk Dormehl

Co-Founder of Team Toast and Lead Researcher on Token Design

SwiftChain Team

Chris Lemmer

Scrum Master and Marketing Manager


UX Engineer


Senior Front-End Engineer


Blockchain Engineer

Foundry’s Core Principles

Radical Freedom

Foundry focuses its energies on building products that radically increase the freedom of the world. Permapost and SmokeSignal are good examples of this: platforms for uncensorable writing and discussion.

Profitable Ventures

Foundry pays contractors and firms to build profitable products, capturing this profit in the form of FRY and other tokens. This allows Foundry to grow bigger and bolder in its ventures.

Straight Talk

As Foundry gains prominence on the world stage, an ethical and honest reputation will be key to success. When Foundry speaks, it does so with impeccable honesty.

Bold Action

Foundry does not ask permission to build tools for a radically free future--even if doing so threatens powerful institutions.

Foundry: A Sovereign DAO


Foundry is a composite entity that channels the collective will of FRY holders: freedom lovers who seek a revolutionary investment opportunity by paving the way to a sovereign future.

As Foundry's profit grows, it will begin to impact the world in increasingly significant ways. Eventually its moves will be large enough to attract the attention of actual nations. But these nations will learn that Foundry is quite simply immune to the threats and pressure they usually use on traditional corporations or entrepreneurs. The libertarian spirit will inhabit Foundry as a gladiator: immune to retributive attack, and powerful enough to push the world toward greater freedom.